Thank you for contacting our farm to volunteer.

Where to start?

As a volunteer, you should always contact a host using the official Workaway website. For your own safety. There are strange people out there both hosts and volunteers. So if you disappeared, at least Workaway will know where you were last seen. Here is my profile:

**** Very Serious Rules ****

1. Please do not loan your money to any of the staff. You will likely not get your money back, and the staff will be fired.

I never had a case until 2 cases this month in June. It is illegal for me to deduct his pay to cover his loan.

2. Do not borrow or rent the staff’s scooter or motorcycle. They usually do not have 1st person coverage. If something happens, which usually does, you will end up paying for your own injury and damage to the scooter.

Now back to volunteering….


Please always get a tourist VISA. For some countries, it is a 90 or 30 days tourist visa on arrival. For most, you must apply at a Thai Embassy in your country. Some will give 30 days, some will give 90 days.

WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT ASK FOR is a “Volunteer VISA” or something called an “none immigrate VISA O” It is researched for NGO personnel working in Thailand. These people entered under the sponsorship of an NGO.

Our farm is not NGO nor anything close to it.

Our farm has an official page on Facebook:

Our farm GPS location:

Quick Direction:

1. Take a train to Pak Chong train station
2. Take a Motorcycle taxi (300 THB each) or pick-up taxi (400 THB/Trip) to my farm. 3. Say “Tantai Farm”, if he does not know, give him my number.

Work Schedule:

It will vary based on the number of hours you can handle. Please try to work early morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the Sun. I will just give you the meal schedule.

ALL MEALS SEARVED IN THE KITCHEN: Wash dishes after every meal.

08:00-09:00 – Breakfast: The cook comes in at 08:00, she can make a quick breakfast ready by 08:30.

12:00-13:00 – Lunch

18:00-19:00 – Diner

Once you arrive, we can determine the schedule based on the weather and the type of work. 3-5 hours a day is typical.

Type of Tasks:

  • Main Task is Kitchen Garden:
  • Water the plants in the garden every morning.
  • Every Monday water with bio-fertilizer or compost tea
  • Every Thursday and Sunday evening spray with Herbicide (fermented Coffee ground + wood vinegar)
  • fermented Coffee grounds – great source of nitrogen for the plants
  • wood vinegar – drive away pests
  • Remove weeds, snails, etc … what do not belong in the garden
  • Recycle/Recondition soil for new rotation crops
  • Sow seeds
  • Seedling transfers or transplants

Other tasks:

  • Tomatoes Greenhouse (similar to the kitchen garden)
  • Kan/nabis outdoor (similar to the kitchen garden)
  • Planting something in the food forest
  • Clearing overgrown grass in the food forest
  • Remove Banana tree trunk for Chicken food
  • Making Chicken food

My Contact:

As mentioned in the top section, please keep communication on Workaway until you are on the road or on your way to the farm.

M: 062-946-3597 (อาณัติ, Arnatt)

WhatsApp: +66 629463597